IME-13 Registration Open

Aug. 27th 16:00~17:30
Aug. 28th 08:10~17:00
Aug. 29th 08:30~16:00
Aug. 30th 08:30~11:00
Aug. 31st No registration

Notes for oral presenters

Oral presentations will conform to the 30-minute or 20-minute format including question and answer period.
Please check your presentation schedule and time by the program.
Please bring your own VGA-connector-equipped computer with your presentation data in it.
Basically, conversion adaptors (VGA-HDMI, VGA-USB etc.) are NOT supplied by organizer.
Before the beginning of your session (during break), please check connection of your computer to projector.

Notes for poster presenters

Please check your poster number by the program (The poster titles and numbers are listed below).
The maximum poster size is A0+ (914 mm×1292 mm).
The paper orientation is vertical.
The poster sessions are scheduled on evening of 28th and 29th August.
Please attend both sessions and have an active discussion.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Dr. Carl M. Lampert (Star Science, USA)
Prof. John R. Reynolds (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Prof. Aline Rougier (CNRS, Univ. de Bordeaux, France)
Prof. Bernard Dam (Delft Univ. of Technology, Netherland)
Prof. Cheng Zhang (Zhejiang Univ. of Technology, China)
Dr. Michele Manca (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy)
Dr. Daniel M. Giaquinta (Kinestral, USA)
Dr. Tohru Yashiro (Ricoh, Japan)
Dr. Hung-Ju Yen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Prof. Masahiro Fujita (Sophia Univ., Japan)

Oral Presentation

Poster Presentation

Excursion and conference banquet will be held on August 30 (Thursday)